The Perry Group: Built to Last

In the 1950’s, 19 year old Brian Perry borrowed £1600 from his father to buy a Quick Way excavator and Brian Perry Limited quickly became a thriving one-man business.

Twenty years later, Brian and his wife Peggy, established a charitable trust to support the community that had, in turn, assisted them with their business growth over the previous decades.

The spirit of entrepreneurship, cooperation and philanthropy is very much alive and underpins both the Perry company, and its charitable arm, the Brian Perry Charitable Trust.

Our Investments

Primarily involved in the manufacturing, importing and distribution, and property industry sectors, Perry Group continues to focus on investments that will achieve consistent growth and returns for its shareholders.

Much of the Perry Group’s continued success is attributed to Brian Perry’s legacy and the strong culture of community and corporate responsibility that is central in the day-to-day business practices throughout the Group.

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Brian Perry Charitable Trust

Making a meaningful difference towards a vibrant Waikato region.

For over 40 years the Perry family has been proudly supporting the communities of New Zealand.

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Partners and Investments