TDM Group

NZ’s leading modular home builders with a product specifically adapted for the New Zealand property build environment.

TDM Group was founded in 2015 by Trent and Heidi Montgomery and encompasses TDM Modular Homes, TDM Joinery and TDM Designer Homes.  They have an office in Hood Street in central Hamilton and a factory based in Leamington, Cambridge.

TDM Designer Homes has a range of over 20 house plans which can be adapted to suit individual requirements.  This is complemented by TDM Joinery who provides a full range of joinery services direct to market with high quality products from quotation to installation.

TDM Modular is the newest initiative and their innovative modular housing model provides an affordable and attractive product in the current property market.  This concept aligns with the work that Perry Group are currently undertaking with several property developments in the region, and is a great solution to providing affordable housing both in the Waikato and nationally.

TDM Group are focused on growing the business and continuing to provide an innovative approach to the residential market by delivering quality and cost effective solutions with reduced construction time.  The versatility of the modular product provides the end customer with a number of design options including multi storey modular housing as well as the traditional residential build.