Perry Modular Homes

NZ’s leading modular home builders with a product specifically adapted for the New Zealand property build environment.

Perry Modular Homes specialises in construction and delivery of homes for multi-unit and larger scale development projects. Residential developers and housing agencies will benefit from our innovative approach to design, construct and install residential construction projects of any scale.

Perry Modular Homes has established “A Better Way To Build” partnering with property developers, community housing providers, home owners and investors to build high quality homes and residential projects. Precision built within our 20 bay state-of-the-art factory, Perry Modular Homes are constructed in sturdy steel framed 3 dimensional volumetric pods, and delivered to pre-prepped sites for rapid assembly.

The Perry Modular construction approach, means you can complete your project faster with improved margins and superior build quality. Modular construction is the future of residential construction.